Vinyassa YOGA

This program is no longer held at the Parks and Rec Center

Located at the Norton Parks and Rec Center on Rt.140

This yoga class is primarily a Vinyasa Flow which links breath with movement; naturally creating heat in the body. It helps lessen anxiety, stress and fatigue through its mindful, fluid motion and yoga breathing focus.

The use of breath is an essential part of the practice…helping to let go of stress and reach an inner peace. Practicing yoga can show you how to find a balance, a way to handle stress and keep it from reaching deep into the core of your being. The goal is to create an atmosphere of positive energy where you will not be judged and can truly be yourself. Come join in to help to connect to your inner selves, to relax, to reach your spiritual roots and even to lose weight and tone your body.

Please email Gail at for more information and to sign up.