About Us

pr-featuredThe Norton Recreation Commission oversees the Park and Recreation Department. The Commission consists of volunteers who are here to maintain and advance programs for Norton residents of all ages. The day to day program and developed park operations of the Parks and Recreation Department is currently managed by the Recreation Commission. As of November 2009, we are no longer contracted with the Attleboro/Norton YMCA.

Mission Statement:

To advance parks, recreation and leisure-time activities that enhances the quality of life. The purpose of the Recreation Department is to meet the diverse recreational, cultural, athletic and leisure-time pursuits of the residents with a broad-based comprehensive and inclusive program. Recreational programs are organized to encourage participation and enjoyment and should be held at safe and well-equipped facilities on a year-round basis.

Board Members:

Sheri Cohen, Chairperson
Laura Bamford / Director
Mark Buchan
Rosemary Dolan, Associate Member
Jennifer Hoffman
Stan Kubinski
Sara Lyons / Secretary
Nick Schleicher
Tom Stanton
Bonnie Yezukevich